Transporting your fuel where you need it, when you need it

"Our people and equipment have travelled some of the most challenging terrain in western Canada. We designed our process and selected our people and equipment so that we can safely deliver fuel on time, wherever and whenever fuel is needed."


To us, transportation begins with the maintenance process we've custom-designed for our fleet of trucks to achieve our standard of: as close to factory fresh as possible. Supporting this process is our custom-designed information reporting system, which is integrated with our on-board trucking and inventory systems and our approved legal-for-trade weights-and-measures meters. Our satellite system transmits fuel level information from the field to our administration center for monitoring and reporting back to our project managers and clients. 


We selected our fleet of Super B and Bodyjob units based on their abilities to get fuel and lubricants to the remote places that our customers need it. These are matched to drivers with the skill to safely drive into and out of remote areas. ERS accurately monitors the fuel level in its fleet at all times through trucks that are equipped with weights-and-measures-tested meters and electronic UPC scanning technology, which uses a satellite to report information to our administration office in Edmonton. 


Key points about our fleet

  • We are licensed as Provincial and Federal Carriers.
  • GPS, SmarTruck technology, weights-and-measures meters on all trucks.
  • Bar code tracking for accurate transaction recording.
  • A fleet of over 25 units; 2006 or newer; winch truck equipped with a 40-ton scissor neck; all supported by a fleet maintenance program to keep our trucks as "factory fresh" as possible.
  • Certified, well trained drivers with extensive experience.
  • Our processes and training were designed to achieve world-class levels for HS&E performance.
  • ZERO tolerance standard for spillage and all of our power units are equipped with positive air shut-offs for safety in potentially hazardous areas.
  • Our administration people monitor trucks and the fuel they carry. Delivery records contain the exact location, time, date, receiver signatures, and temperature-corrected volumes.
  • All information and reports are accessible anytime electronically.


Tank Mobilization

  • ERS takes care of tank mobilization with winch tractors and certified petroleum technicians.
  • ERS’ diverse fleet and experienced team allows us to transport our own tanks as well as customer’s tanks safely and efficiently.
  • Skidded tanks can be put in place and removed leaving the ground virtually undisturbed.
  • We have a variety of spill containment solutions to match all of your tanks in the field.